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DOT Oral Fluid Specimen Collector Certification

DOT Oral Fluid Specimen Collector Certification

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This training will be available on our teaching platform on 11/14/23. Please provide the correct email at checkout, you will receive class notifications and enrollment info.

This training covers all the necessary procedures and policies to ensure accurate and reliable collection of oral fluid samples as part of the DOT drug Testing Program.

The DOT's new ruling:

Effective since June 1, 2023, the Department of Transportation (DOT)'s new rule gives employers the option of using a urine or oral fluid test and indicates that oral fluid is permitted for all DOT modalities.

What’s Covered:

1. Regulatory Overview:
- Introduction to DOT regulations regarding drug testing.
- Understanding the role of oral fluid testing in DOT programs.

2. Collector Responsibilities:
- Detailed explanation of the collector's role in the testing process.
- Proper communication with the tested individual.

3. Collection Procedures:
- Step-by-step guidance on oral fluid specimen collection.
- Ensuring the integrity of the collection process.

4. Equipment Usage:
- Training on the proper use of collection devices and tools.
- Understanding potential challenges and how to address them.

5. Documentation and Record keeping:
- Importance of accurate and complete documentation.
- Recordkeeping requirements according to DOT regulations.

6. Privacy and Confidentiality:
- Emphasizing the importance of maintaining confidentiality.
- Understanding privacy concerns related to oral fluid testing.

7. Quality Assurance:
- Ensuring the quality and reliability of collected specimens.
- Implementing procedures to minimize errors and contamination.

8. Review of Relevant Regulations:
- In-depth examination of DOT regulations pertaining to oral fluid testing.
- Keeping up-to-date with any regulatory changes.

9. Proficiency Demonstration:
- Practical exercises to demonstrate proficiency in collection procedures.
- Evaluation to ensure collectors meet DOT standards.

Always reference the latest DOT guidelines for the most accurate and current information and all updates. 


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